Our research shows that the value of a business is a function of two factors – the quality of its business model; and the strength of its relationships.

We work with B2B companies to increase their business value in two ways – through enhancing their value proposition to customers; and aligning their business model to deliver this value efficiently.  We help our clients create and capture value by providing advice based on the explicit integration of the strategic, financial and marketing perspectives on their business.


Value Creation and Value Capture

Understanding how to deliver distinctive value and to which customers is the basis of business strategy.  Doing so consistently over time requires a deep appreciation for what customers value (marketing) and how to align your business model to deliver that value (finance).

Using our S.A.V.E framework, we identify the components of what represents a compelling and sustainable value proposition to customers.  Our BASE (Business Analysis of Sector Economics) methodology establishes the scale of the value that can be unlocked through customer-centric strategy, and provides an objective benchmark on value creation relative to peers and the industry sector.

We work with B2B companies with strong product/service offerings and well-run operations who want to transition from being vendors to being true business partners to their customers.  We help them identify how to enhance the value that they offer, and how to move from a transactional basis of customer interaction to relationships based on shared value creation.


S.A.V.E – our distinctive approach to helping B2B companies evolve into solution-focused strategic partners – was profiled in Harvard Business Review’s January 2013 edition.


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