We combine the shareholder and customer perspectives on business to help B2B companies define the brand and reputation dimensions of their strategy.

Our research shows that B2B companies that implement customer- and solution-centric strategies enjoy valuation multiples that are 20% to 50% higher than those of B2B companies with a traditional product- or technology-centric approach to their markets.

A More Complete Approach to Value Creation

Type 2 Consulting works with B2B companies with strong science, engineering or finance cultures who are not realizing their full strategic and financial potential because they are framing their customer value proposition in purely functional terms.

Using our S.A.V.E framework, we identify the additional components of what represents a compelling and sustainable value proposition to customers.  Our AMP (Analysis of Market Premium) methodology establishes the scale of the value that can be unlocked through this broadening of focus, and provides an objective benchmark on value creation relative to peers and the industry sector.

Our work focuses on three issues:

  1. Identification of the key “currencies” in which customer value is delivered, leading to a compelling framework for articulating the company’s value proposition
  2. Development of an effective brand and reputation strategy that establishes the basis for a durable, defensible franchise with all the company’s key constituencies
  3. Measurement of the ongoing contribution of brand and reputation to the company’s business performance



S.A.V.E – our distinctive approach to helping B2B companies evolve into solution-focused strategic partners – was profiled in Harvard Business Review’s January 2013 edition.


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