A pivot in publishing and positioning strategy

July 19, 2016

As regular readers of this blog will have noticed, I have been taking a break from regular posting.  The purpose of this blog has always been to explore the different aspects of what I have termed the “marketing finance” perspective on business.

Over the course of the past 300+ posts, I have developed a much clearer sense of the topic headings under which I should organize the contribution that “marketing finance” can make to business strategy.  And the goal I have set myself going forward is to consolidate my thoughts into a condensed set of articles on each of these topic headings.

A further factor is that I am stepping back from using the moniker of “marketing finance” to describe my approach.  Over the past 3 years, the term itself has become too closely associated with the challenge of marketing measurement and has lost its association with strategic effectiveness.  While I applaud efforts to measure the business impact of marketing, it is inevitable that these efforts will primarily focus on B2C environments due to greater availability of data.  Since my interest is uniquely in B2B environments and primarily in the issue of strategic effectiveness rather than just measurement (and especially not measurement for the purposes of justifying advertising spending), “marketing finance” is becoming a less appropriate descriptor for my work.

My interest has always been in the integration of the strategic, financial and marketing perspectives on business.  This involves the conscious melding of three perspectives – value creation for customers (marketing), value capture for business (finance) and sustainable business models (strategy).  I selected to do business under the name of “Type 2 Consulting” in order to communicate my ambition of helping companies avoid the problems that occur when their decision making fails to incorporate all three of these important perspectives.

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