Our service offer is clearly defined:

  • We focus on the initial phase of branding assignments when the “heavy lifting” is done to establish the brand strategy and positioning
  • We work exclusively on corporate and service brands
  • We specialize in aligning the marketing and finance perspectives on branding
  • We have particular expertise in working with privately-held businesses

We do our best work for clients who are, frankly speaking, skeptical about the importance of branding. Typically, these are clients with a strong science, engineering or financial cultures. They appreciate the disciplined, rigorous process that we bring to the somewhat “soft” subject of branding and the consistent focus we have on the enhancement of business performance through branding.

We believe that branding assignments can best be addressed in three phases — message definition; creative expression; and implementation. We focus uniquely on the message definition phase.  

The output of our work is a tight definition of the creative brief so that the ensuing brand expression and implementation work are based on a strategy for enhancing both customer value and shareholder value.
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