We create assignment-specific teams composed of the individuals best able to solve your issues.

This approach offers two major benefits:

  • We do not take on work just to “feed the beast” (to generate revenue with the sole goal of covering our overheads). This means that you can be sure that we will only propose on assignments that we consider ourselves uniquely capable of performing
  • We do not prolong assignments beyond the point at which we believe that we are delivering the highest possible return on your investment. We recognize that our business focus means that our relationships with clients will be episodic in nature

Our explicit ambition is that you engage Type 2 Consulting to work on your toughest, most important, most nuanced branding issues. The ones that are mission critical for the company, and the focus of debate at the highest levels.

In return, we promise to deliver the most robust and insightful advice on branding available anywhere in the market. We will structure our work as fixed price assignments of fixed duration.

We will have an early conversation with you about when it will make sense for us both “to date other people” — how to recognize when we have delivered on the core of our value added and when it is time for you to engage other agencies.  

We will work hard to ensure a seamless transition from the brand definition phase to the brand expression phase. As part of this, we will define the “ brand platform” to serve as the creative brief for the brand expression and implementation work, ensuring that the work is based on a strategy for enhancing both customer value and shareholder value.
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