Jonathan worked with me on the merger of Grand Metropolitan and Guinness to form Diageo. He brought to the task a rare combination of rigorous analytical discipline and great creativity. He was instrumental in helping us define and express the vision for the combined businesses. It is hard to over-state how important this was in laying the foundation for the success of the merger.

John McGrath
Former CEO, Diageo

Type 2 Consulting helped Enturia define a new corporate identity as well as focus and refresh our approach to product branding. They demonstrated great insight into the cultural and commercial aspects of our business and struck the perfect balance between change and continuity. I appreciate the insight that has come from these collaborations and expect our relationship with Type 2 will deliver more value in the future.

Jim Mitchum
CEO, Enturia

Not only is Jonathan Knowles a pleasure to work with, he has a unique combination of skills. In addition to his business results-driven marketing expertise, Jonathan can play the role of counselor, strategist, art director and psychologist (to name a few), all with equal effectiveness. Jonathan brings a real world approach to marketing/brand strategy. His advice is always framed with the end goal in mind — using marketing to help drive business results.

David Grieger
CMO, Russell Investments

Type 2 Consulting brought just the right balance of pragmatism and creativity to a sustained project with Katzenbach Partners helping us to refine our brand positioning. The result was not only a sharpened positioning and a new visual identity, but a renewed sense of excitement from people at all levels about how to take the firm’s message to market.

Niko Canner
Managing Partner, Katzenbach Partners

Jonathan Knowles is a brand strategist extraordinaire whose creative and articulate views on brand measurement make him a rarity in the industry and one of the few people able to gain the trust of the CEO, CFO and CMO alike.

Pat LaPointe
Managing Partner, MarketingNPV

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