A key challenge facing most B2B companies is how to enhance the perceived value of their services, enabling them to move from “service provider” to “strategic partner” to their clients.

Our S.A.V.E approach is based on the adaptation of the classic 4Ps approach to the specific needs of B2B companies. It was profiled in the January-February 2013 edition of Harvard Business Review and described as “the centerpiece of a new solution-selling strategy – and B2B firms ignore it at their peril.”

Type 2 S.A.V.E. approach to business

The three authors elaborate on the issues that led to the creation of the S.A.V.E. approach in this seven-minute video:

The Thinking Behind the S.A.V.E. Framework

The graphic below provides greater detail on the differences in focus between the 4Ps and the S.A.V.E approaches:

Type 2 4Ps to S.A.V.E.