Tenth anniversary of Incorporation

March 22, 2017

Although Type 2 Consulting has been operating since June 2006, today marks the tenth anniversary of T2’s legal incorporation.  I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to T2’s success over this period, whether as a customer, partner or supplier.  It has been a privilege to working with/for you.

I want to give a special call out to a few specific individuals who have contributed greatly to the deepening of T2’s understanding of how value is created and captured in the B2B context:

  • Rich Ettenson – my thought partner and co-author
  • Mary Jane Braide – my collaborator on many of T2’s seminal assignments
  • Hilary Jacob – my tireless engine of insightful analysis
  • Neil Benedict – my “go to” guy for research involving hard-to-reach audiences

I also want to call out a couple of specific clients for their courage in commissioning T2 to do groundbreaking work in a number of areas:

  • John Zachry for the “legacy planning” assignment at Zachry Group
  • Hannah Grove for the assignment that showed how a common value proposition framework could be used across the diverse operations of State Street
  • Neil James for the opportunity to create the detailed roadmap and tools for helping Panasonic Avionics transition to being focused on customer outcomes
  • Paul Bromfield for the role of brand architecture in supporting the communication of value to GAF/Icopal’s multiple audience types

The understanding gained through these assignments has been distilled in our writing on three major topics over the past decade:

  • The human dimension of business strategy – 3 articles in the Harvard Business Review, 1 in the MIT Sloan Management Review, plus our book “Vulcans, Earthlings & Marketing ROI
  • Brand strategy during mergers – 1 article in the Harvard Business Review, 1 in the MIT Sloan Management Review, 1 in the Wall Street Journal, plus a Marketing Sciences Institute working paper
  • Measurement and valuation – 1 book chapter (co-authored with Tim Ambler); 2 articles in the AMA magazine

Within the next few weeks, I plan to reveal the intellectual platform that I believe will form the basis of T2’s success for the next decade.  It represents the codification of our thinking and methodologies for how B2B companies create and communicate distinctive value to their customers, and establish the basis for an enduring and profitable franchise. 

Again, a sincere thank you for everyone who has got T2 to this point.

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1 Mary Jane Braide March 22, 2017 at 7:08 am

Jonathan, congratulations! You and T2 bring such sober insight to what can be a murky world of B2B value creation, measurement and communication. Can’t wait to see your new thinking.

And thank you for the mention. Our years of working, travelling, eating, drinking and thinking together have been a highlight of the last decade for me. Here’s to your next decade, and to more fun together!

2 Jonathan March 22, 2017 at 7:30 am

Thank you for your kind comment, MJ. Looking forward to continuing the journey together. So many good things have come from our collaboration – and so many good times!

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